Learning to Cope: The Balance Between “Tough” and “Human”

3 thoughts on “Learning to Cope: The Balance Between “Tough” and “Human””

  1. Ok so you don’t know me but the story that you just wrote was a story that I just witnessed,and I have to tell you. I am 18 years old my very best friend is also 18,she has a little sister who is 16. The first week of May 2016 they went on a vacation to Mexico with their mom,when they returned they all got sick with some sort of virus but a few days later my two friends felt fine,their mom did not. About a week later my friend found their mom in her house in a very confused state and they took her to the hospital. To tell the story short they were unable to figure out what the problem was, and ended up putting her in a medically induced coma to suppress grand mal seizures. After about 3 weeks of all the tests in the world and a lot of prayers the decision was made by her family to withdraw care and she passed away on May 21, 2016. It was the same circumstances as your story and it shouldn’t have happened,I will always wonder why a seemingly healthy mom of two who was on vacation with her teenage daughters ,died 3 weeks later. I wanted to tell you this to thank you,thank your sharing about a side that most people don’t see . Thank you for showing that their loss means something and that everyone who witnessed it was in fact affected. You asked what happens to them? From what I have observed through watching my friends walk through grief ,you survive,because you have too because you believe that life is full of rivers and roads and at the end, you get to see the person you love. What you do matters, to the families of the people you save,and to the families of the people you can’t save. And it’s the nurses and doctors like you and your coworkers that families remember. So once again,thank you.


  2. What a beautiful post. Heartfelt, emotional, and true. The ‘rawness’ makes the feeling come alive. I absolutely loved what you wrote at the end about humanity in general. There ARE good people. There ARE great things happening. In my own work, what I have found is that people tend to focus on the negative. We need more people like you and those you write about in this post being featured front and center. We NEED to focus on the good. That is the only thing that will make more of it come. Great article, sharing!!


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